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Welcome to Mountain Temp Services’ Carbondale Office, established in 1997 to provide extended coverage of the Roaring Fork Valley in conjunction with our Aspen office. Mountain Temp Services remains Carbondale’s premier staffing agency for job seekers looking for excellent employment opportunities throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and Garfield and Eagle County. We offer top wages for highly motivated and reliable employees.

Mountain Temp Services, Carbondale has positions in commercial and residential construction, hospitality, landscaping, office and administrative work, maintenance, ranching and light industry. Specifically we offer positions in skilled and unskilled labor, property maintenance, tradesmen (carpenters, construction foremen, masons, welders, etc.), housekeeping, laundry, and secretarial.  If you are seeking permanent placement, Mountain Temp Services can help you find the right job with the best pay.  

Temp Jobs in Carbondale, CO

Mountain Temp Services is committed to the safety and well- being of all our employees.  Mountain Temp Services has a companywide safety program and initiative including safety training upon employment, daily safety cut sheets, and regular safety meetings and jobsites inspections.  By offering you specific safety knowledge, and with our commitment to your safety together, we will keep you safe and working.

Benefits at Mountain Temp Services include weekly pay, advances on a completed time card, a qualifying 401(k) retirement savings plan and health insurance for fulltime employees, and vacation pay for eligible employees. Mountain Temp Services is more than just your ordinary staffing agency; it is your gateway to full time employment!

You can rely on Mountain Temp Services’ Carbondale Office’s experience to ensure your individual needs are evaluated, met  and placed with the right employer whether the job is for a day, a week, or a permanent position.